Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot October tour in Sweden

Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot is going to celebrate their new “Rhythm ‘N’ Roll Rumble”-cd release in Sweden!

– Thu 10 at Django’s Music, VARBERG (8 PM)
– Fri 11 at KoM Musik Bar, GÖTEBORG (8:30 PM)
– Sat 12 at Stampen, STOCKHOLM (9 PM)


Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot UK & Norwegian album reviews

Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot – album review Blues & Rhythm Magazine, UK June 2019-issue

Rhythm ‘N’ Roll Rumble
(Ram-Bam Records)

Swings well all the way
Jo’ Buddy, or Jussi Raulamo whom I imagine his mother would prefer to call him, is a very busy gentleman with a myriad of bands going on, but just at this crossroads it’s the new release of his rock n’ roll band – Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot – that’s about. Sure, I said rock n ‘roll – Jussi Raulamo’s first big love. He fell for this music when he, as a 13-year-old, heard Little Richard and ‘Long Tall Sally’, and over the 40 years that have passed since then, Jussi has always thought – and dreamed – of making one pure rock n ‘roll disc. And when asked why waiting for four decades to realize the dream, Jussi replies: – I waited until I had enough songs to fill a whole plate with.

What should you say about the result of ‘Rhythm’ n ‘Roll Rumble? Well thanks, this swings well all the way through, I think Jussi and his comrades Tyko ‘Down Home King III’ Haapala and Mitja Tuurala are very happy with the work. Deliciously varied, too, it may not be surprising when the guys highlight the following styles as their sources of inspiration for the work; New Orleans rhythm & blues, gospel, doo wop, rockabilly, western swing, swamp rock & pop, down home blues, surf & garage rock. Pooh !, In total, this is according to the band; Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble.

‘Rhythm’ n ‘Roll Rumble’ is Jussi’s 12 albums, and his sixth as Jo’ Buddy. We can safely say that the songs he spent 40 years compiling (he has of course written all by himself) well complete an entire release, and for my own part I just hope to see this gla’-gang on a scene somewhere. This drug I think can really be fun live too.
Bjorn Wiksaas

Read original norwegian review here

Jo’ Buddy’s UK tour 2019


Hope all’s well.

Just letting know, I’m coming back to the UK to do a little tour, soon!

Also bring my brand new Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot – cd!

SHOWS during March 14-22:
-Thu. 14th at The Millbridge Inn, Plymouth, UK – Jo’ Buddy with Vince Lee Lee & Becca Langsford (Showtime 9 PM)
-Fri. 15th at The White Thorn in Plymouth, UK – Jo’ Buddy with Vince Lee & The Big Combo (Showtime 9 PM)
-Sat.16th at The Terrace Cafe inPlymouth, UK – Jo’ Buddy & Vince Lee (Showtime 1:00 PM)
-Sat.16th at The B Bar (Diz’s Birthday Bash) • Plymouth, UK – Vince Lee With Diz Watson, Tony Uter & Jo’ Buddy (Showtime 8:30 PM)
-Sun. 17th at The Albion • Liskeard, UK – Jo’ Buddy with Vince Lee & The Big Combo (Showtime 9 PM)
-Fri. 22th at Bread & Roses • Clapham, UK – Diz & The Doormen feat. Jo’ Buddy


Best Regards,

Jo’ Buddy

Exciting Jo’ Buddy news for 2019!

Jo’ Buddy features on the great Swedish FATBOY band’s “Diggin’ The Scene” new album will be OUT on February 22, 2019!

Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot: “Rhythm N’ Roll Rumble” – album will be OUT on March 1, 2019!

Jo’ Buddyn Laulumaat – book will OUT April 2019! (in Finnish).
Written by Maija Joutjärvi & valophotos by Juha Tanhua.
The Book will be published by Aviador.
More info (in finnish):