Exciting Jo’ Buddy news for 2019!

Jo’ Buddy features on the great Swedish FATBOY band’s “Diggin’ The Scene” new album will be OUT on February 22, 2019! http://fatboy.se

Jo’ Buddy’s Trio Riot: “Rhythm N’ Roll Rumble” – album will be OUT on March 1, 2019!

Jo’ Buddyn Laulumaat – book will OUT April 2019! (in Finnish).
Written by Maija Joutjärvi & valophotos by Juha Tanhua.
The Book will be published by Aviador.
More info (in finnish): www.aviador.fi/kirjat/jo-buddyn-laulumaat.htm

Jo’ Buddy goes London, England, UK!

A Finnish singer-songwriter-guitarist Jo’ Buddy does the debut gigs in the UK at last,

The shows:

Sun. Oct. 7 @ Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch (east London)
with Big Joe Louis & Brian Nevill on drums

Sat Oct. 13 @ The Bread & Roses, Clapham
with Diz & The Doormen

Jo’ Buddy features in Wilko Johnson book

A finnish singer-guitarist Jo’ Buddy features briefly in an English guitar legend WILKO JOHNSON’s “Don’t Leave Me Here: My Life” book on page 189.

Wilko calls that Jo’ Buddy & Down Home King III – show at Aulanko Blues Festival (2006) in Hämeenlinna FINLAND the best he’d seen for years!