Jo’ Buddy

A singer, guitarist, songwriter, troubadour, bandleader Jo’ Buddy is a full package!

He has a very individual & personal style. His laid back music spreads joy of life, being simultaneously raw, timeless, earthy & spiritual. It’s a rich & spicy Rock’n’Roll Gumbo including; Swamp Boogie, Down Home Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Surf & Garage Rock, Jump Blues, Zydeco, New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Soul, Ragtime, Swing, Country, Ska, Rock Steady, Heartfelt Ballads…and even echoes of Western African Rhythms or Spanish Flamenco!

His versatile live repertoire consist of his original worldclass songs only & sounds like nobody’s business. Jo’ Buddy is a true music lover, who simply lives from his music and admires the Good Times. He really gives it all away when he begins to do the things he does the best – sing and play – in his deep and heartfelt way !!!

After 38 years of experience on the road with thousands of shows in 16 countries and a countless of recording sessions have honed him as one of his generation’s most talented & outstanding roots rocker. Now at 55, he is ready as Jo’ Buddy can be to continue being busy performing all over nightclubs, schools, festivals in your neighborhood, town, region & country! ARE YOU READY?

Jo’ Buddy’s discography

Jo’ Buddy has played with many international greats like;
Big Jay McNeely, Maceo Parker & Horny Horns, Howard “Louie Bluie” Armstrong, Lazy Lester, Eddy Clearwater, Louisiana Red, Oliver “La La” Morgan, Jim Kweskin, Chris Thomas King Band, Kim Wilson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Gene Taylor, Lee Oscar, Doyle Bramhall Sr., Junior Watson, Rick Holmstrom, Alex Schultz, Jeff Turmes, Larry Taylor, Kedar Roy, Richard Innes, Fred Kaplan, Mike Tempo, Tad Robinson, Bob Margolin, David Maxwell, Daryl Davis, Bob Corritore, The LeRoi Brothers, Mike Buck, Wes Starr, Ernie Durawa Band, Danny Cochran, Speedy Sparks, Lurrie Bell, Roy Hytower & Motif, Bill Sims, Seasick Steve, Carlos Guitarlos, Homer Henderson, Bob Brozman, Phil Pemberton, T.J. Wheeler, Rockin’ Jake, Lynwood Slim, R.J. Mischo, Mark Hummel, Hash Brown, Christian Dozzler, Andy J Forest Band, Brian Templeton & The Radio Kings, The Rhythm Rats, Diz Watson, Diz & the Doormen, Tony Uter, Paul Riley, Doug McLeod, Nathan James, Wiley Cousins, Little Victor, Vince Lee & The Big Combo, Becca Langsford, Big Joe Louis, Lewis Fielding, Little George Sueref & The Blue Stars, King David, West Weston’s Bluesonics, Black Voices, Julien D’Imperio, Bo Weevil, Davide Mazzantini, Sven Zetterberg, Knut Reiersrud Band, Rita Engedalen, Reidar Larsen, Dr. Bekken, Kat Baloun, Danny Marks, Carlos del Junco, Brian Cober & the Nationals, Peter Nande, Trick Bag, Jim’s Combo, Knock Out Greg & Blue Weather, Fatboy, The Domestic Bumblebees, Cajun du Nord, The Jumping Cats…

…and also with many national greats like:
Jussi Raittinen, Eero Raittinen, Pelle Miljooona, Dave Lindholm, Tuomari Nurmio aka Judge Bone, Pepe Ahlqvist, Howlin’ Hessu Heinonen, Helge Tallqvist, Esa Kuloniemi, Tokela, Marjo Leinonen, Niko Ahvonen, Tuomo, Hoedown, Tomi Leino, The Frostbites, Wang Dang Dudes, Micke & Lefty, Veeti & The Velvets, Sami Saari, Aki Sirkesalo, Jussi Syrén & the Groundbreakers, Knucklebone Oscar, Yukka White, Jere Ijäs, Anssi Kela, Funky Kingston, Erja Lyytinen, Olli Haavisto, Hoedown, Ismo Haavisto, Jouni Joronen, the Stingbeans, Masa Orpana, Sam Huber, the Fat Bullets, Juho Hurskainen, Sara Lee, 3 Legged Dog, the Wentus Blues Band, Olli Ontronen & Mighty Shitty, Black Motor, Sakari Kuosmanen, Nieminen & Litmanen, Janne Haavisto & Tom Nyman (of Laika & Cosmonauts), Anssi Nykänen, Kai Hahto, Marzi Nyman, Crawfish Kings,The Roadracers, Jake’s Blues Band, the Irrationals…to name a few